Want to cancel cable for good, but don’t know how?

Get answers to 20 of the top questions about cutting the cord and canceling cable, answered by Corrie LoGiudice, industry expert and founder of Cord Cutter Club.

Questions include the top 10 questions we receive from viewers like you and the top 10 questions we believe you should be asking.


1. Can I watch live TV?
2. Can I still watch sports live?
3. Can I still get the news?
4. How fast does my Internet need to be to stream TV?
5. Why isn’t the antenna I bought working?
6. How many TV’s can I watch on?
7. What’s the TV Guide like?
8. Is professional installation available?
9. Can I still cancel cable if I have a triple play package?
10.When you buy everything a la carte, do you really save money?


1. Am I a good candidate for cord cutting?
2. What kind of equipment do you need to cut the cord?
3. How do I select the best equipment for my needs?
4. How do I know what kind of Antenna I need for locals?
5. What will be different when I cord cut vs. stay with my pay TV provider?
6. Do I need a smart TV to stream?
7. What kind of installation will be needed for my cord-cutting system?
8. Will I still have a monthly fee?
9. How do I still watch my favorite channels if I cancel cable?
10. Where can I find an expert to get my specific questions answered?

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