About Cord Cutter Club.  Consumer’s wanting to cut the cord with cable has been a decade’s long battle.  I should know, my family has been in the television business for over 30 years.

My Father and Uncle started their business as a C-Band Antenna manufacturer.  As technology changed and the antenna’s (or dishes as we call them) got smaller, they started distributing satellite TV equipment.  This included satellite dishes, set-top boxes, wire, connectors, you name it we carry it.

What you may not know is the satellite industry was born out of a desire for consumers to get rid of cable and find a cheaper, long-term solution no matter where they lived.  My family has been proud to be on the forefront of that evolution, and the next one is already coming.

The new generation of consumers are now demanding, even more, choices and want to pay less.  With some very recent and drastic changes in technology, this is now a possibility.  With the right electronics hardware, you can officially cut the cord with cable forever, or opt to find much cheaper premium programming and movies through new streaming services.

I’ve created Cord Cutter Club to make the process of cutting the cord easy.  When you join our email list,  you’ll have access to free tutorials, curated equipment solutions, and top of the line support.  In addition to equipment solutions, our team of installation experts can also help you install your system so you can cancel cable and their expensive bills, for good.

We’re excited to make saving on your TV entertainment quick and easy.  If there is anything else you believe we can do to make it even easier, please contact us with your feedback.  We’d love to hear from you.


Happy Cord Cutting!


Corrie LoGiudice | Founder of Cord Cutter Club